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D.A.S. introduces CSA amplifiers and DSP-26 loudspeaker management

At prolight+sound Frankfurt 2006, D.A.S. launched a new series of stereo amplifiers with 70 and 100 volt outputs for distributed audio systems. The series comprises the CSA-300T offering 150 W per channel at 70 or 100 V and the CSA-600T which offers 300 W per channel. The amplifiers are housed in a rugged steel chassis and feature Class AB modular electronics which are very easy to service.
Features of the new CSA line include gain controls, XLR and screw terminal input connectors and covered barrier strip output connectors. Low noise variable speed fans provide ample cooling while keeping noise down. The amplifiers include a complete set of protection systems for the amp and the loudspeakers.
New commercial amplifiers by DAS
Another new product at prolight+sound 2006 was the D.A.S. DSP-26, a loudspeaker system management processor which uses digital signal processing in order to accomplish the functions of an analogue crossover, equalizer, limiter, and delay unit. Designed for applications such as zoning and permanent installations, PA systems and stage monitor setups, the DSP-26 features two balanced analogue inputs and six balanced outputs using XLR connectors.
The DSP-26 offers three basic configurations-Mono, 3 x 2-way and 2 x 3-way operation. Alternative configurations such as mono four, five or six way can be programmed as well. Further possibilities include a mono four way system driven by input A while input B feeds either a separate 2-way system or a delay tower.
The powerful digital processing of the DSP-26 provides a selection of active crossover networks offering Bessel, Butterworth, and Linkwitz-Riley filter types with up to 48 dB/octave slopes. Tonal adjustments of the signal are possible through a combination of variable equalizers. Phase reversal is available for all outputs. Output limiting can be used to prevent overload and maximize available headroom.
All products will be showcased at Plasa 2006, London.
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