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iPod docking station with classic tube sound by TL Audio

Tube experts TL Audio introduce the Fatman iTube Valve Dock. an ideal solution for small installation applications in bars or clubs. A basic Fatman iTube Valve Dock system comprises an iPod compatible (except Shuffle) docking station with remote control and a high quality valve amplifier which also can take audio signals from other external sources.
All iPod functions can be remotely controled including music and movies. The docking station also features a TV connection to support video enabled iPods.
The matching valve amplifier provides the classic audio characteristics of valves, improving the listening experience. The amplifier can also take alternative sound sources to allow for more audio options. The unit is available on its own or with speakers and ships with high quality speaker cables as well as special white gloves and a brush for cleaning.
The amplifier's features include a power output of 2x13 Watts, 20Hz – 20KHz (±1.5db) frequency response, 0.5 harmonic distortion 0.5%, 86 dB signal-to-noise ratio, 100 kOhms input impedance, output impedance 4 Ohm /8 Ohm, two 6N1(ECC85) and one 6E2(EM87) valves.
Fatman iTube Valve Dock system by TL Audio with optional speakers
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