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Klein+ Hummel to launch digital K8 audio distribution system

To be launched at prolight+sound 2007, Frankfurt, Klein+Hummel's K8 digital audio distribution system is designed for broadcasting high quality audio across a venue. K8 provides single point-to-point connections as well as a distribution backbone for sending up to 16 audio channels to remote locations. Requiring no configuration, the system is set up quickly. Connections of up to 200 meters distance are easily done using cat5 wiring. For advanced applications the entire system can be monitored from a single Ethernet port with no additional cabling.
For large paging and background music applications pull a single category 5 cable out to each remote amplifier location or daisy chain from one amplifier room to the next. All locations have access to 16 channels of digital audio without ground loops or induced noise.
Use K8 as a mini snake for sending audio feeds from an auditorium out a remote broadcast truck. Mount a K8 device in a cluster of powered speakers and drive the entire cluster with a single category 5 cable.
Use K8 as a digital snake between the mixing console and the amplifier racks. Put another K8 branch and output device on stage to drive the stage monitors.
Distribute central background music and paging out to individual venue systems in cruise ships, entertainment facilities, convention centers, schools and conference facilities.
Add a new zone to an existing K8 system by extending the existing cable infrastructure. Replace audio routers with remote control over output channel selection across the K8 system. Technology Description.
The K8 digital audio distribution system carries 16 channels of uncompressed digital audio over a standard category 5 cable at a rate of 48kHz with a depth of 24 bits and a very low latency. The same cable also carries bi-directional data for remote monitoring and control of all devices connected within the K8 system over a single Ethernet port. Cable lengths may be run up to a total of 200 meters through passively daisy chained devices. Actively refreshing the line with a K8 distribution amplifier allows endless additions of 200 meter cable lengths. Multi-output K8 distribution amplifiers may be used to implement a star distribution configuration. Failure of a single K8 audio output device allows other devices on the system to continue to function. Audio is placed onto the distribution network at up to 2 locations with 8 channels of input at each location.
Klein + Hummel K8 Audio Distribution System
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