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Powered PanBeam speakers provide digitally controllable beams

PanBeam aktiver, digital steuerbarer Zeilenlautsprecher The German pro audio company eas debuted its PanBeam line of powered column-speakers at prolight+sound 2007, Frankfurt. Digitally controlled, these speakers' vertcal beam can be directed vertically for optimum performance in demanding acoustic environments. The DSP offers a wealth of useful audio processing features including volume control, parametric EQ, and delay. The PanBeam can be controlled by a special Windows Control software for set up the beam steering parameters, audio processing and surveillance features. Also the implementation of existing media-control-systems is possible.
The vertical coverage is variable from 8°-40°, the aiming angle also is digitally variable (±16°). Dual-lobe-technology allows for two beams being controlled independently. Further features include a 4-band parametric equalizer, volume control, delay up to 370 ms, driver protection, operating range of 150Hz - 15 kHz (+3/-6dB), 150° horizontal dispersion, and RS-485-networking capability. Wall-mounting hardware is included, optional hardware for portable applications and fixed installations is available.
Designed and manufactured in Germany, the PanBeam line comprises three models: PanBeam PB08 with eight drivers, PB 16 with 16 drivers, and PB 24 with 24 drivers. Each of the 3.5" drivers is powered by its own digital amplifier.
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