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Alcons ships DDP for extended control combined with ALC

Marking a very important step forward in Alcons’ “system synergy” philosophy, the first Digital Drive Processors started shipping in May 2007. Previewed at prolight+sound show 2007 in Frankfurt, the 0-series DDP-production was kept under extensive beta-testing to assure reliability under all conditions. The DDP is an exchangeable signal processing device which is complementary to the Alcons Amplified Loudspeaker Controllers (ALC). Enabling the ALC to optimally drive all Alcons pro-ribbon speaker systems in any configuration for any application, the DDP-device provides extensive speaker-specific processing and controlling options,
Placing the “2-in / 2-out” DDP in the front of the ALC converts the ALC from a “standard” stereo power-amp into a dedicated amplified loudspeaker controller. Following the modular concept, Alcons users now have a choice between fixed analog and variable digital system processing.
Jeroen Fortanier, R&D engineer DSP/electronics: “The DDP has been designed to offer intuitive control and utmost reliability while preserving the sonic excellence of Alcons’ pro-ribbon based sound systems. This was not an easy task, as the extreme resolution of our pro-ribbons reveals even the smallest sonic details.”
Driven by a powerful 56 bit 120 mips DSP engine, the design is based on a 96kHz sample rate, Delta-Sigma conversion with 27-bit (stacked) word length, and fixed-point internal processing,
The System Drive section of the DDP provides system controlling and optimizing, with presets for all available Alcons systems and system configurations.
Unique DDP features include Intelligent Driver Guidance IDG processing for optimized power response through “True-RMS” intelligent power and (separate) excursion limiting guidance, “Von Helsing’s Filterslope Architecture” with crossover filtering using hybrid Bessel, Butterworth or Linkwitz Riley responses. CSQ “Constant & Symmetrical Q” algorithm offers complete filter integrity for the on-board parametric equalising.. LimitLog provides real-time signal logging on signal present and limiting of the selected system, over the past 7.000 operating hours.
Firmware updates are available via the side-located USB-port.
DDP provides a large display
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