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Meyer Sound introduces self-powered version of the MM-4 miniature loudspeaker

At PLASA show 2007 in London and 123rd AES in New York, Meyer Sound announced the self-powered MM-4XP miniature loudspeaker. Only four inches square, the MM-4XP is designed for sound professionals who deal with jobs involving space limitations. The MM-4XP will be showcased at the Meyer Sound booth 1575 LDI in Orlando, Florida. Off the show floor, Meyer Sound Senior Technical Support Representative Steve Bush will lead a seminar session titled “Line Array Design and Application” on November 15 from 3:30 to 5:30 pm.
The long-awaited self-powered version of the astonishing MM-4 miniature wide-range loudspeaker, the MM-4XP contains all amplification and corrective processing onboard, and receives 48 V DC from an external power supply on a five-pin EN3 connector that also carries balanced audio. The Switchcraft EN3 connector has been successfully used on the weather-protected version of the MM-4 for years, and offers the dual advantages of small size and excellent protection against adverse environmental conditions, facilitating use of the MM-4XP in outdoor applications.
The MM-4XP meets the performance standard established by the MM-4. It's an outstanding choice for a wide variety of installation needs where space is limited or visibility is a factor, such as fill and spot coverage, or installation in steps and other hidden locations. Its versatility also makes it well suited to touring sound applications like stage lip frontfill, and small portable systems, such as are often needed for corporate AV uses.
Containing only a single Meyer Sound-designed and manufactured 4-inch cone driver, the MM-4XP is capable of a 113 dB maximum peak SPL output and reproduces a wide operating frequency range of 120 Hz to 18 kHz at very low distortion. The MM-4XP is designed to deliver high peak SPL without drawing high instantaneous peak DC current, enabling the use of light gauge cables and long cable runs of up to several hundred feet.
The MM-4XP can be ordered custom-painted to match decor.
Meyer Sound MMX-4XP self-powered miniature loudspeaker
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