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Wiring solutions by SCP

At Cedia Expo 2008, London, Structured Cable Products (SCP) introduced its new product releases of high quality cables and interconnects for HDMI, access control security, audio, specialized control and pre-wire speaker installation.
For the fast growing security market, SCP releases two new bundled access control security cables. ACC-1 consists of 2C/22ga stranded bare copper, 4C/22ga stranded bare copper, 6C/22ga stranded shielded bare copper and 4C/18ga stranded bare copper cable. ACC-2 consists of Cat5e two pair 350 MHz and 2C/16ga stranded bare copper cable.
The EZ-Cap Pre-Wire Installation Kit is a solution for the installer looking for a low-cost easy way to install in-wall audio wire for speaker components. It gives the low-voltage contractor the ability to pick a location to pre-wire for a speaker component and secure the wire in place. After the wallboard is installed, the contractor returns to install the flush mount cap over the wire outlet hole in the drywall. The cap gives a low-voltage contractor future access to the wire for easy installation of a speaker component. The EZ-Cap Pre-Wire Installation Kit can also be used for other pre-wire applications such as security systems, garage door motor control wire or any device that requires low-voltage wire to penetrate the drywall of a structure.
HDMI Cat5e Extender Set provides the installer with an alternative to long, cumbersome expensive HDMI wires by using two CAT5e or CAT6 cables (up to 115/165 ft. respectively) away from the signal source. The HDMI Cat5e Extender Set is HDCP compliant, follows the IEEE-568B standard and supports 1080p display with signaling rates up to 2.2 Gbits.
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