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QSC brings big sound to small theatres

Designed to meet the needs of professional motion picture playback in smaller theatres, QSC’s SC-2150 loudspeaker is one of two new members of the DCS (Digital Cinema Speaker) Series. Offering high-power handling, excellent sensitivity, and extended bass response in a very compact enclosure, the SC-2150 is a three-way, selectably passive full-range or bi-amplified screen channel loudspeaker comprised of two main units: a mid-high frequency system and a low frequency enclosure. The components are easily assembled on-site via a pan and tilt bracket that mounts the mid-high components to the top of the LF enclosure.
The mid-high system features a high output, horn-loaded 6.5” midrange cone driver and a 1.4” (35.6 mm) diaphragm compression driver. QSC’s patented Cine-Sight simplifies aiming of the horns for proper audience coverage.
The dual 15” (381 mm) low-frequency enclosure provides the low-frequency response required for cinema applications. Constructed of high quality MDF panels and employing separate chambers for each transducer which prevents over-excursion of the remaining transducer caused by improper box loading in case of driver failure. The compact LF device is only 14.5” (368 mm) deep.
The bass ports are evenly spaced on each side of the transducers, therefore internal pressure within the enclosure is more uniform across the back surface of the drivers. This prevents the cone from being displaced to one side or another by unbalanced forces, reducing the chance of driving the voice coil out of the centre of the gap at high power.
The SC-2150 additionally includes a driver protection network and a passive crossover for bi-amp and full passive operation. Power limiter circuitry protects the high-frequency and mid-frequency drivers from overpowering. A simple switch setting determines the operating mode and eliminates dual inventory and ordering issues associated with fixed bi-amp or passive models. The 3-way design provides exceptional coverage of the critical midrange band for improved intelligibility.
Three bolts secure the SC-2150’s mid-high system to the top of the LF enclosure. A pre-wired harness and connector plugs into the terminal plate to provide all electrical connections to the mid-high system. Pre-installed rubber feet speed installation.
QSC’s new SR-8100 cinema surround loudspeaker is the second newcomer to the DCS Series designed for use in smaller theatres. Offering high power handling and extended bass response in a very compact enclosure, the device features a long-throw 8” low-frequency transducer coupled with a 1” soft dome tweeter. The system’s MDF enclosure incorporates a 15° down angle baffle and easily accessible top-mounted terminals. The 125-watt continuous power rating and sophisticated crossover with protection circuitry provides reliability.
QSC’s QuickMount bracket allows for fast, easy and secure installation of the SR-8100. The loudspeaker half of the bracket comes pre-installed on each SR-8100, while the QuickMount QM-SW wall bracket is purchased separately to facilitate shipment to the job site ahead of the loudspeakers. A traditional U-bracket, the YM-300, is also available in lieu of the QuickMount bracket system.
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