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FBT introduces Project series of compact, high quality installation loudspeakers

FBT commercial audio's Project Series of very compact installation loudspeakers comprising of three full-range models and one self-contained subwoofer will be showcased at prolight + sound show 2009, Frankfurt, Germany, Hall 4.1 B 61. Also, for the first time FBT enters the Concert Sound Arena featuring a full Qube line array outside Hall 10 every day at 10:40 am, 1:20 pm, and at 4 pm. Visitors can listen to a system comprising of 16 2x10“+ 2x1“ mid/hi units and eight 2x18“ subwoofers.
Project speakers have been created and developed in order to provide the suitable solution for any loudspeaker installation: their characteristics allow their use in any environment, for a lot of applications, providing high sound quality. The Project range loudspeakers feature a compact two-way system ensuring high power performances, wide dynamics, high-fidelity music reproduction and high speech intelligibility. The Project series is designed for easy assembly, cutting cost and saving time. All models are suitable for 100 Volt architectures making use of the integrated transformer which can be bypassed to transform the speaker into an 8 Ohm, high current, high power loudspeaker.
The Project 315BT Fashion speaker is a 2-way bass reflex system with 0.5" dome tweeter featuring a rated power of 30 Watts at 8 ohm, 15W with 100V transformer, a frequency response of 100Hz ~ 15kHz, 85dB ensitivity (1W/1m),and a maximum SPL of 100 DB/1m. The speaker weighs in at 2kg, dimensions are 205 x 142 x 162mm. It comes with with adjustable wall mounting bracket.
The Project 550BT/WT Fashion speaker also is a 2-way bass reflex systems with 0.5" dome tweeter featuring a 5” woofer plus 1” tweeter. Rated power at 8 Ohm mode is 100 W, 50W using a 100V line. The speaker achieves a maximum SPL of 109dB, 89dB sensitivity (1W/1m), a frequency response of 80Hz~20kHz (-10dB), and a dispersion of 100° x 100°.The ABS housing with metal grille comes with a fully adjustable die cast mounting bracket (ball joint). The model 550 weighs in at 3.4 kg, dimensions are 240(H) x 168(W) x 180(D) mm.
Model 640 BT/WT again is a 2-way bass reflex systems with 0.5" dome tweeter with a 6.5” woofer and a 1” tweeter. Power ratings are 40W using a 100V line, 80W at 8 ohms with transfomer in by-pass mode. Frequency response is 70Hz~20KHz, maximum SPL 108dB, sensitivity 89dB (1W/1m). The speaker provides a dispersion of 90° x 90°. It weighs in at 4.6 kg, dimensions are 312(H) x 218(W) x 219(D) mm. It comes in an ABS housing with metal grille and fully adjustable die cast mounting bracket (ball joint).
All models are available in black or white complete with safety chain/wire included and feature a power control rotary switch type regulator and 8 ohm transformer by-pass.
The Project series is rounded by the Sub 1180A amplified subwoofer. Housed in a grey or black wooden enclosure, the subwoofer is a bass reflex system powered by an internal amplifier of 180W rms achieving a maximum SPL of 112dB. The omnidirectional sub features a frequency range of 28Hz-180Hz (-10dB).
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