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DiGiCo provides a theatre version for its SD7 console

The D5T Digital Theatre Mixing System was a natural progression of the D5 Live. Since prolight + sound show 2009, Frankfurt, DiGiCo’s flagship SD7 console follows suit, increasing its operational potential with the new, optional SD7T configuration. This time, however, there is a difference. Whilst the engine of the D5 was enlarged to accommodate the additional requirements of the theatre world, the SD7’s original design already had expansion in mind. This means that all that is required to transform the SD7 into the SD7T is the addition of a new software application specific extension.
This forward planning on DiGiCo’s behalf has advantages, not least of which is the increased rental potential via this dual application option, with the SD7 owner able to configure their console for traditional live sound or complex theatre mixing as required.
“Designing consoles that can provide the greatest return on our customers’ investment is an integral part of our ongoing commitment to the market,” says DiGiCo’s managing director, James Gordon. “When we developed the SD7, we designed it to have a huge amount of untapped power within its hardware that could be unlocked at a later date if the market demands changed. What we needed to do was write the appropriate software for the market application. The SD7T application specific extension brings with it all the theatre-specific advantages of the D5T, with the phenomenal power of Stealth Digital Processing, and gives two consoles for – almost - the price of one.”
Features of the SD7T include delay on m atrix inputs per node (nodal delay), the next generation of live update known as Auto Update, all advanced feature sets provided in the MACH2 software suite, and a complete integration of Cue Editor for fast editing and updating of VCA. assignment and ripple through VCA control.
DiGiCo SD7 becomes SD7T by software exchange
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