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Meyer Sound announces Cinema Experience range

cinema surround loudspeaker HMS-10
Acheron 80 screen channel loudspeaker
At prolight + sound show 2009, Frankfurt, Meyer Sound introduced its Cinema Experience line of products which are designed to redefine the sonic quality for applications ranging from sound design to dubbing to exhibition, while providing a smooth translation across the various venues. Meyer Sound’s Cinema Experience should faithfully reproduce a soundtrack with the punch and dynamics to hold a viewer’s attention and make a movie come alive. The range will also be showcased at CinemaExpo 2009 in Amsterdam and at InfoComm 2009, in Orlando, Florida, booth 5961 and demo room W203A.
Developed in collaboration with the top audio engineers in the cinema industry, Meyer Sound’s Cinema Experience features the Acheron screen channel loudspeakers designed to provide optimal performance behind perforated screens. Along with surrounds, subwoofers, and digital tools, the Cinema Experience provides a fully integrated system that offers a consistent, linear platform for creating the 21st-century sound experience for today’s audiences.
“In order to compete with expanding entertainment options at home, cinema exhibitors must offer a superior level of sound quality that can excite the audience,” notes John Meyer, co-founder and CEO of Meyer Sound. “With new digital soundtracks freed from the limitations of analog reproduction, cinema operators can create heightened experiences by upgrading to the power and transparency of Meyer Sound cinema systems.”
Meyer Sound’s Cinema Experience comprises screen channel loudspeakers Acheron 100 and Acheron 80, bass loudspeaker Acheron LF, cinema surround loudspeaker HMS-10, and the high power subwoofer X-800C.
In addition to loudspeakers, Meyer Sound offers accurate acoustical prediction with MAPP Online Cinema, real-time system performance data provided by the optional RMS remote monitoring system, and calibration and alignment offered by the SIM 3 audio analyzer. The Galileo loudspeaker management system handles signal drive from a theatre’s cinema processor to built-in amplifiers within the self-powered loudspeakers.
At the Bay Area’s Skywalker Sound and American Zoetrope, Meyer Sound systems based around the Acheron have been recently installed. Other Cinema Experience installations include the USC School of Cinematic Arts, as well as Atkinson Hall at University of California, San Diego.
Meyer Sound products that have been approved by THX include Acheron 80 and 100 screen channel loudspeakers, CQ-1 loudspeaker, UPJ-1P VariO™ loudspeaker, HD-1 studio monitor, and X-800C subwoofer.
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