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Crest Audio CV presents new generation X-Rack consoles

At prolight + sound show 2009 in Frankfurt, Germany, and at InfoComm 2009, in Orlando, Florida, booth #5649, Crest Audio introduced its new generation X-Rack consoles. Shipping is anticipated during the latter half of 2009.
With high-end performance and solid construction, the X Series features a modular design coupled with an extensive feature set suitable for any application. Available in main and monitor configurations, X Series models are available with up to fourteen mono and up to four stereo inputs. Long-throw faders, versatile four-band semi-parametric EQ, channel inserts and quality microphone preamplifiers are standard.
The X18R and X20R consoles have six configurable aux buses, four group buses, and three main buses providing versatile Front of House mixing configurations, while the X18RM and X20RM have up to twelve mono or six stereo mix buses for floor or in-ear monitoring, while the integral monitor and tape-level outputs provide additional flexibility.
Features of the X18R and X20R include 14 mono inputs plus 2 stereo inputs (X18R) or 12 mono inputs plus four stereo inputs (X20R), all with mic preamps and individual 48V phantom power switches. All inputs and left, right, and mono (center) outputs have 100 mm faders, the four subgroups offer 60mm faders. While all mono input channels prive a 18 dB per octave high pass filter on mono inputs channels, all inputs feature a 4-band equalizer. Insert can be used on all inputs, subgroups, aux outs and L, R & M outputs. All six aux buses offer selectable pre or post fader in pairs, auxes 1 and 2 are configured as Level/Pan for stereo operation. The XLR L, R & Mono outputs are switchable between line and mic level. ¼” TRS and RCA connectors are provided on alt outputs and monitor. Additionally the consoles feature tape in/out.
The 10-space rackmount models X18RM and X20RM feature the same input configurations plus a built-in splitter system on all XLR mic/line inputs with ground lift switches on each input channel. There is an additional “stereo common input” for sending click or reference tracks to artists on all 12 buses. 4-band mid sweep equalazitaion is provided on all input channels and the 18 dB per octave high pass filter on mono input channels. The consoles' solo link system is compatible with other XR-Series rack mixers.
Crest X-Rack models 2009
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