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Nexo to release the RS18 and NEXOSoft at pl+s 2010 in Frankfurt

Nexo has a new 2x18" subwoofer to release, and the pl+s show will also see the international debut of NEXOSoft, an all-new release of system management software for Nexo systems from GEO to PS Series.
Since its launch in late 2008, Nexo’s Ray Sub technology has set new standards in versatility for subwoofers, re-igniting the cardioid/omnidirectional debate while proving equally successful in both touring and fixed installations. In Frankfurt, the company will release the next generation of RS technology – the new 2x 18“ sub, the RS18.
With a frequency response of 31Hz-100Hz, the RS18 is a compact sub that performs equally ably in both directional and omni-directional modes, offering impressive output figures such as 143–146dBPeak (2x1750W to 2 x 4000/8Ω) in Omni mode, and 140–143dBPeak (2x1750W to 2 x 4000/8Ω) in Directional mode. Suitable for use with virtually all NEXO loudspeakers, RS18 is a super-flexible performer especially in installations where space is at a premium. NEXO has further refined its offering, by producing carpet-covered and/or painted versions for different applications.
At pl+s Nexo will have a demo room on the stand, so visitors will be able to appreciate fully the new PS R2 Series loudspeakers, as well as the Ray Sub bass units.
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