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Neutrik pioneers wireless digital audio using the 5GHz frequency band

At prolight+sound exhibition 2010 Neutrik launched DIWA (Digital Wireless Audio) for the 5 GHz frequency band (5,15 GHz - 5,725 GHz). As the 5 GHz band - which is also available for other consumer products such as WLAN. - the non-overlapping channel separation makes sure that interferences with other systems operating in the same band are most unlikely. Although the 5 GHz band allows not the same distances as the 2.4GHz band operating distances are in the range of typically 50m. Along with a sophisticated error correction Neutrik promises trouble free use providing high audio quality.
Digital broadcast only requires a fraction of the bandwidth analogue signals need to achieve the same high quality. However welcome the availability of free frequencies is, these frequencies need to be reallocated and will be used for internet broadband connections in rural areas as well as for mobile communications in the future. Neutrik, leading supplier of professional entertainment connector products, took on the challenge of developing new technological concepts to meet restrictions and provide future-proof wireless audio solutions for stage applications.
According to Neutrik, DIWA allows for building a reliable system without complex approval processes and extensive search for frequencies. DIWA stands for digital data transmission without data compression, combined with patented error correction functions to offer sound quality on highest level. Using state-of-the-art technology, latency is extremely short (3 milliseconds) and reliability as well as interference-free operation are guaranteed.
Xirium is going to be the first product based on the DIWA technology. A professional multichannel wireless system, Neutrik's Xirium combines digital receiving and sending channels in one system. A 4-channel basis unit Xirium TRX together with mobile send (Xirium TX) and receiving units (Xirium RX) give first access to the Xirium system. With an extension unit (Xirium TRX Slave) the system can easily be extended to eight channels. Allocation and the selection of input and output channels are flexibly configurable.
Xirium is scheduled for shipping in autumn 2010.
Xirium 4 channel base unit
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