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D-fend technology protects loudspeakers

At InfoComm 2011, Eminence Speaker LLC announced an exclusive license agreement with Evenstar, a wholly owned subsidiary of SLS Audio, to use and sub-license their new D-fend technology within the Professional Audio and Musical Instrument markets. D-fend is the industry’s first all-digital, programmable loudspeaker protection and attenuation circuit designed to solve the age-old problems associated with protecting loudspeakers from excessive power conditions. The D-fend technology in action was showcased at InfoComm.
D-fend has eliminated the headaches for speaker engineers - no more hassling with polyswitches, blown lamp filaments, lossy resistors, or slow relays. Incorporating such features as digital signal processing with on-board digital filtering, customizable microprocessor and MOSFET construction, the D-fend protection circuit enables a designer to use this technology prior to passive filtration and allows different sensitivity settings in specific frequency bands, such as woofer over-excursion bands or high frequency peak damage regions.
“Think of the D-fend circuit as a high power, speaker-level compressor/limiter that will allow an audio designer to guarantee unmatched levels of protection for multiple components in their unpowered loudspeakers”, states Evenstar’s Chief Engineer, Joel Butler.
“We’re are very excited about the unique opportunity to partner with Evenstar to offer our customers the ultimate in loudspeaker protection.” said Eminence President Chris Rose. “Not even the most carefully designed systems have been free of failure and the risk of thermal compromises in today’s varied applications. By incorporating D-fend in their products, system designers, brand owners and facilities will enjoy a new level of assurance that their passive loudspeaker systems will remain protected and that venues will be safer. The technology is economical and easy to integrate into both new and existing designs. We expect it will become an industry standard protection device for virtually all passive professional audio and musical instrument applications.”
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