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FaitalPRO introduces three ferrite woofers and two HF drivers

FaitalPRO has launched three ferrite loudspeakers measuring 18", 12", and 10" -(18HW1070, 12FH530 and 10FH530) plus two high frequency drivers, HF146 and HF160.
FaitalPRO HF146The HF146 driver is the improved version of the HF144 model. As the HF146 has a more linear frequency response and a different tonal balance, both models are still available. Technical data on the nameplate is the same as that on the HF144: AES power 80W (maximum power 160W), sensitivity 109dB 1W/1m and suggested crossover frequency 0.9kHz (12dB/oct). The magnet assembly uses 15 neodymium slugs instead of the classic ring, also the dimensions and weight of the driver are unchanged. A linear response curve and high power dissipation allow for the use in a wide range of professional applications, such as line arrays and multi-way acoustic enclosures. It can also be used with horns or waveguides with a standard 1.4" connection.
The HF106 is a neodymium version of FaitalPRO's HF107, a compression driver for high frequencies featuring an annular design, from the diaphragm to the phase plug. The HF106 driver uses a 44mm voice coil and circuit with a neodymium ring magnet, weighing in at about one kilogram. The AES nominal power dissipation capacity is 60W (maximum power 120W), sensitivity is 110dB 1W/1m, and the suggested crossover frequency is 1.3 kHz (12dB/oct). Thanks to the annular design, this model provides an extended frequency response to over 20 kHz.
The F106 is used with horns or waveguides with a standard 1" connection and it is suitable for in line array systems in a two-way combination with 10" or 12" loudspeakers.
Unlike the ferrite version HF107, the HF106 model allows the replacement of the recone-kit directly from the back without the need to dismount the driver from the horn. The driver has an aluminum cover for improved heat dissipation.
18HW1070 subwooferThe 18HW1070 is FaitalPRO's new high performance 18" subwoofer. It boasts a nominal output of 1600 W AES and 3200 W max, with a 100 mm (4") voice coil. Pro-Audio Division Manager Flavio Naggi states: "It was born to propose something really new compared to the existing 18HP1030, we wanted to create an 18" loudspeaker for subwoofer use that would be similar to our 18XL1600 in terms of acoustic characteristics, power, frequency response, Thiele & Small parameters, etc., but with a ferrite magnet assembly. Once completed the FaitalPRO testing process, it became evident that the project requirements had been fully confirmed and, in some cases surpassed expectations, for example, maximum excursion values were even superior to the reference model and the same happened in parameter linearity with large signals, which was even better."
The 18HW1070 incorporates an advanced voice coil cooling circuit. The cone is composed of a refined mix of synthetic and cellulose fibers, treated according to Faital proprietary techniques and matched with treated cloth suspensions designed to perfectly match the dual non-adjacent symmetrical constant height waves spiders.
A brand new basket design and magnet assembly complete the refined 18" sub-woofer. The 18HW1070 is proposed as the perfect ferrite substitute of the popular 18XL1600, especially in fixed installations and all applications not requiring a lighter assembly.
The 12FH530 and 10FH530 Ferrite are dedicated to mid/low frequencies and designed to be "easy" loudspeakers without specific requirements making them incredibly versatile and fit into any PA system. Nominal power for both are 500 W AES (1000 W peak). Both drivers feature the same magnet assembly in ferrite with internal demodulation ring.
The 12FH530 model was designed to be an "improvement" of the existing 12FH510. For the cone and suspensions a new coating procedure was developed. The 12FH530 delivers a different tone with a more lively presence in the medium frequencies. The response curve is softer compared to previous products. The driver is recommended for use in two way horn loaded applications. It covers a low end down to 50 Hz.
The 10FH530 is a 10" mid/woofer woofer with a 77mm voice coil. It adopts the same magnet assembly with 500 W AES nominal and a low end down to 65 Hz.
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