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Coda introduces the Linus power and control platform

At Prolight + Sound show 2014 in Frankfurt, Coda Audio introduced its Linus power and control platform. Linus10 is a stand-alone unit and also the key component of the Linus Rack20 and Linus Rack40, which provide complete system management solutions including amplification, DSP, network, comparator and power distribution for various Coda Audio systems. These combinations provide a complete electronics solution with improved connecting panel, all in one rack.
Coda Audio Linus10
Linus10 is a dual channel DSP, Network, Comparator and Amplifier delivering 10000 W of clean power in a light weight 19”/2U package. The power of the Linus10 provides maximum headroom and optimal system performance for all Coda Audio touring systems. A hybrid class H output stage topology delivers sonic accuracy with enormous headroom, providing high performance in dynamics and transparency.
Linus Core, LiNet and Linus Live are a powerful set of technologies applied to each Linus device, allowing complete system integration, configuration and control.
Linus Core technology features dual SHARC floating point DSP processors to ensure vast processing power which enables the integration of sophisticated audio algorithms. The advanced signal processing includes IIR and phase linear FIR filters for linearity and sound performance, as well as look-ahead and frequency dependent limiters for increased system headroom.
LiNet transmits the digital audio signal over a standard CAT5 cable. Up to 8 digital audio signals (4 stereo AES) can be sent to each amplifier via LiNet, buffered and sent to the next unit via the LiNet link out for daisy chaining. The signal routing inside the Linus10 can be controlled remotely or via the unit’s front panel controls.
Linus Live is an Ethernet based, graphical user interface, allowing for fast and flexible system configuration, tuning and control.
A comparator completes Linus10’s technology count. It provides integrated feedback loop control for all Coda Audio’s SC sensor controlled subwoofers. The Comparator’s electronic circuit loop measures the voice coil movement and adjusts the amplifier driving voltage and/or current to correct any driver inaccuracy. The key advantage is a very extended and controlled response. Any distortion produced by the driver or the enclosure is instantly corrected by the feedback.
Joining Linus 10 is Linus CON, a 4 input / 6 output 1 RU speaker management system featuring IIR and FIR filtering, delivering all the Linus technologies in a standalone controller, which provides system design configuration flexibility for applications where outboard controller options are preferred. It also allows for Linus DSP upgrades for existing systems and features Linus Core/LiNet/Linus Live technology.
All Linus products feature a slot for a choice of AVB, Dante or other modules to be offered at a later date, of course depending on market demands.
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