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Light self-powered stage monitor by Meyer Sound

Meyer Sound self powered staged monitor MJF-210
Meyer Sound adds to its on-stage solutions with the self-powered MJF-210 low-profile high-power stage monitor. Built for the demanding needs of live productions, the MJF-210 is the lightest stage monitor in the company product line, yet carries the sonic performance of the MJF-212A stage monitor, which has been used by Metallica, Usher, Judas Priest, and Michael Bublé. The MJF-212A monitor is recommened for applications requiring more power.
“The MJF-210 started with a customer’s request to bring the intelligibility and power of the MJF-212A into a more production-friendly package,” says Pablo Espinosa, chief loudspeaker designer and vice president of R&D. “The end result is a product that reflects users’ needs in the field, and its small footprint also offers more flexibility in bringing the myriad self-powered advantages to the stage.”
The MJF-210 features a low-profile design with a high power-to-size ratio and very low distortion. Each monitor measures less than 14 inches high and weighs 67 pounds (about 30.5 kg). In addition, it provides the advantages of a self-powered system, including reliability, low distortion, and ease of setup and configuration.
The front of the MJF-210 slopes at an optimal 40 degrees from the stage, while the constant directivity horn (50° H x 70° V) gives the performerfreedom to move on stage while staying within the vertical coverage. The drivers are powered by a three-channel class D amplifier.
For real-time monitoring of loudspeaker parameters, the MJF-210 can be integrated into the Compass RMS remote monitoring system using the optional RMS module. Compass RMS features the RMServer and can be controlled in the Compass software.
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