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EtherSound enabled stage box Dio Core

At Plasa 2005 in London Innovason launched Dio Core, the first modular 64 channel EtherSound enabled stage box compatible with InnovaSON I/O modules utilizing InnovaSON's Dio ES multichannel audio interface module. Dio Core can be used both with InnovaSON Sy80 and Sy48 digital live mixing consoles and as a remote I/O box for other EtherSound enabled devices.
Dio Core features up to 64 inputs and outputs with highaudio quality, a digitally processed bus and direct outputs for remote /stage locations, multiple channel AES to EtherSound as well as EtherSound to AES conversion, and additional InnovaSON Dio Core units or other EtherSound enabled devices using standard CAT5 Ethernet networking topology.
When used with InnovaSON consoles running Sensoft 10.1 and above you can store and recall snapshot of all I/O card parameters.
Dio Core ethernet stage box by Innovason
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