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HK launches scalable ConTour Array

Providing a cost-effective solution for medium-sized venues with capacities up to 2,500, HK Audio unveiled its ConTour Array at the prolight+sound show 2006 in Frankfurt. “The ConTour Array fills the gap between conventional PA systems and large line arrays for the touring market,” comments Marketing Director Stefan Fischer. “This new system finally makes it cost-effective for local rental companies as well as for touring cover and tribute bands to take advantage of Line Array technology.”
The ConTour Array is equipped with HK Audio’s patent-applied-for DDO-Pro technology, a solution to tackle the problems of the physics of loudspeakers: The drivers’ inertial masses cause distortion and falsification of the critical signal attacks resulting in a lack of definition and depth or even in masking instruments entirely. DDO-Pro ensures the faithful reproduction of signal attacks by synchronizing the different inertial masses of low, midrange and high frequency drivers - yielding precise dynamic response and a vivid sonic image.
The ConTour Array consists of two system components, the CTA 208 mid/high unit and the CTA 118 SUB with two on-board 1,000 Watt RMS PWM power amps. The system is scalable from a compact club satellite system to a line array of two meters for larger venues.
The CTA 208 mid/high line array unit features a stable output with low susceptibility to wind. It is equipped with two 8” Neodymium speakers and four 1” drivers which are mounted to two HK AUDIO HF transformers based on the Cohedra AcousticLens technology. The CTA 208 units can be used stacked or flown. No tools are required to assemble the units for flying or stacking.
The directly radiating CTA 118 SUB incorporates all electronics such as the 56-bit DDO-Pro digital controller and two power amps of 1,000 Watts RMS each. Filter presets for various setups ensure peak system performance and reliability. A display allows for quick and easy selection of the presets. The system’s networking capability transmits settings to all connected subwoofers.
Due to the use of neodymium speakers the mid/high unit’s weigh in at only 29 kg. A special Dual Curve Rigging System makes it easy to adapt the array quickly to any given situation from near-field to long-throw. For smaller club configurations, the CTA 208 mid/high units are equipped with HK Audio’s DuoTilt pole mount.
Adding extra versatility, combinations of CTA 118 SUBs with the HK Audio’s ConTour Series models CT 108, CT 112 and CT 115 are possible - suitable controller presets are included.
ConTour array System by HK Audio for medium sized venues
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