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AD Systems at prolight + sound 2008

VariQ Array by AD Systems Unveiled by AD Systems at prolight + sound 2008, VariQ is a very compact speaker module with a high acoustic output. It can be used in line-array or as a stand-alone speaker with a dispersion angle of 100°x 10° in line-mode and 90°x 60° in single-mode. The VariQ freatures an 8“ long excursion speaker and a special design in the high frequency range to achieve both dispersion patterns. The housing is made of polyurethane integral hard foam, which has identical acoustic qualities as birch plywood. The advantage of using this material is the weather resistance and lower weight. Allowing for a single person to set up an array in a very short time, VariQ features AD Systems' patent pending "Lock-Less Rigging System“.
Due to an impedance of 16 ohms up to 4 elements can be operated on a single power amplifier channel. The VariQ is controlled by the ImpulsD System power amplifier providing the respective setups for different configurations. Ease Focus can be applied as a prediction software.
The VariQ-B is the sub- and low-mid completion to the VariQ. This compact sub bass cabinet features a high-power long excursion 15“ neodymium driver. It expands the range down to 35 Hz and can be use in a ground stack or on top a VariQ array.
Also, setups for the D1 system amplifier will be provided for the VariQ-B to use it as a cardioid bass system.
AD-Systems' Wedge is a 15“coaxial high power monitor speaker which is designed to provide exceptional vocal-reproduction, clear midrange, and high frequencies with best resolution. The low/mid driver uses a voice coil with a diameter of 3.5”. Compared to standard 3" coils this provides a surface advantage of 15% for handling harder transients without problems. A horn ensures smooth dispersion up to the audibility limit. Several flight points and a flange are integrated. The use of the wedge as a FOH speaker, if required with adding a sub, is no problem.
The newly designed system amplifier D1 of the new ImpulsD amplifier series is the core of AD's sound systems. The D1 features a digital signal processor for the connected systems. Basic settings include choice of preset, routing, delay. System and room EQs can be edited using the display and the encoders.
The digital signal processing has a resolution of 24bit and works with a sampling frequency of 96 kHz. The user has direct control and access to four full parametric filters and a digital delay up to 2sec. The digital signal processing causes a latency below 1msec. For larger systems, complex audio networks or fixed installations, the D1 amplifiers is remotable via Ethernet (TCP / IP protocol). The AD-Net Software supports easy configuration and setup. For system integration in accordance with EN 60849 / DIN VDE 0828, remote activation, fault message contact for analogue evaluation of the operating status, load monitoring, and more is integrated.
Although the Picospot is a very consolidated audio-tool, it is a high-performance speaker for complex sound reinforcement applications. The 5“ coaxial driver, with a radial symmetric dispersion angle of 90°, contains a 1“ compression driver with a 1.5“ voice coil. The picospot delivers a well balanced sound image from 80 Hz.
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