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Nexo releases tour amplification package

NXAMP touring rack
Nexo has announced the release of a standardised amplification package for touring applications featuring the new NXAMP amplifiers. Quick and easy to configure, these racks are aimed at optimising the performance of all Nexo systems on the road, from GEO to PS Series.
Available in three sizes, the new NXAMP racks provide a plug-and-play solution for analogue and digital audio applications, allowing Nexo's touring partners to optimise their amplification requirements, maximizing the versatility of the NXAMP 4x1 and the output capabilities of the NXAMP 4x4.
Built to an orginal design of sleeve frames that permit configuration using any of the NXAMP rackable units, each sleeve frame is constructed of 1.6mm steel that can carry one NXAMP patch panel and either one NXAMP 4x1 or NXAMP 4x4 amplifier model.
The carpet-covered racks are built out of 15mm birch wood and feature a suspended inner steel frame designed to carry the individual modules and the power distribution unit for the larger rack models, while providing a high level of protection for touring applications.
Amplifiers and patch panels can be easily added and removed, enabling the racks to be quickly configured to respond to the widest possible range of applications.
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