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Eminence launches highly efficient loudspeakers at NAMM and at pl+s 2010

Eminence Speaker LLC launched several lightweight neodymium loudspeakers, professional high power models and a 2-way crossover at Winter NAMM show 2010, in Anaheim, California. The new loudspeakers were also taken to prolight+sound 2010, Frankfurt, stand 8C50.
Alphalight 6A by EminenceThe Alphalite 6A is a 6.5” mid/woofer with a new 3.6” OD vented neodymium motor. Its medium Qt allows it to work well in all sorts of enclosures, from tiny sealed midrange applications to infinite baffle mid/bass applications. The neo motor uses a very high temp grade of neodymium to prevent any heat related or power handling problems. Comprised of a new top plate, new bumped vented back plate, new 3.6” OD neodymium magnet, and new vented core, this lightweight motor can be used on other drivers in the Eminence Alpha Series or for new OEM designs.
“The Alphalite 6A has everything you love about the Alpha 6A and less! Less weight. Less mounting depth.” said Jerry McNutt, Design Engineer at Eminence. “The new neo version saves 1.9 lbs. and is 0.4” shallower. The motor is also smaller in diameter so it will fit into some really tight places.”
The Alphalite 6 CBMR is a 6.5” closed-back midrange driver with a new sealed 3.6” OD neodymium motor. Comprised of a new top plate, new back plate, new 3.6” OD neodymium magnet, and new core, this also uses a very high temp grade of neodymium to prevent any heat related or power handling problems. “The closed back means that there is no need to build an isolation chamber in your cabinet that will take up volume and add weight.” said Jerry McNutt. “It’s perfect for adding some midrange presence to your bass guitar rig or PA cabinet without adding a lot of weight.”
Legend B810With its impedance of 32 Ohm the Legend B810 is a 10” stamped frame bass guitar driver is meant to be connected in parallel using four at a time to achieve a an 8 Ohm load, or using eight at a time for a 4 Ohm load. The new addition to the Legend series features an M-roll surround for higher excursion and less cone breakage, a double dipped cone apex for a strong cone neck, and a bumped back plate for greater incursion before damage. It is designed to offer classic sound with some modern features thrown in to make a driver that sounds great and lasts a long time. It is suitable for small sealed designs and for some vented applications.
The newest 2-way addition to the company’s selection of high-performance crossovers is the PXB2:2k5CX which features an on-board fixed level L-pad for tweeter level correction as well as on-board tweeter overload protection circuitry. It is designed to work with Beta CX coaxial drivers and a variety of compression drivers. It can be used with other two way designs as long as they are rated at 250 watts or less.
Eminence Speaker also announces the addition of a 15” high-power subwoofer to the Professional Series: the Lab 15. The Lab 15 is a high-power, high excursion 15” subwoofer for applications requiring very deep bass at pro sound levels. Features include a 3” voice coil wound on a double layer aluminum former, an epoxy reinforced apex/neck joint, and a double-laminated spider. This speaker also features a vented motor, with both a vented spider land and vented back plate. “The Lab 15 is suitable for small sealed cabinets for automotive use.” said Jerry McNutt. “Go with a medium to large sized vented cabinet or a horn loaded design for PA, sound reinforcement, or dance club applications.”
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