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C-Splash for underwater lighting

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Color Kinetics introduced C-Splash, an addition to the C-Series family of full spectrum digital lighting fixtures. C-Splash is a submersible fixture designed to bring colored light and color-changing lighting effects to underwater environments, such as fountains, ponds, theme parks, and fish tanks. C-Splash is powered by Color Kinetics' patented Chromacore LED-based digital lighting technology offering the ability to create over 16.7 million colors and a variety of color-changing lighting effects.
Color Kinetics C-SplashC-Splash is encased in a fully enclosed brass housing with a ground, tempered glass lens, and is a rich, regal bronze color. C-Splash comes with a unified power/data cable constructed to meet regulatory requirements for water resistance, meaning it may be safely submersed in any type of underwater application, including water treated with bromine or chlorine. However, C-Splash is not designed for use in human occupied water, such as pools and spas. Color Kinetics has developed a line of digital lighting products specifically for pools and spas called ColorScape.
C-Splash is powered by the patented Chromacore technology. Chromacore utilizes microprocessor-controlled, multi-colored LEDs to generate colors and color-changing effects. C-Splash offers all the benefits of other Chromacore-powered products, including intelligent control, solid-state construction, low power consumption, ultra long source life, little heat generation, no noise production, and the absence of damaging UV rays.
Most exciting is the airtight and watertight construction of C-Splash, meaning the fixture can be placed safely in almost any underwater environment, without thinking twice about maintenance. This watertight construction also means there are no dipswitches to set. Switch-free C-Splash's built-in intelligence allows the creation of dynamic shows of dazzling colored light through Color Kinetics' external, handheld Zapi programming device. Zapi utilizes a straightforward interface consisting of an LCD panel, two pushbutton switches ("OK" and "cancel"), and a thumbwheel encoder. These features allow users to program C-Splash to perform a number of stand alone effects, including Color Washes, Cross Fades, Random Colors, Fixed Colors, and Strobes. C-Splash also may be DMX addressed via Zapi and controlled with an industry-standard lighting console, a PC or Color Kinetics own line of controllers.
C-Splash is powered using Color Kinetics' sMOPS-150 power supply, which is a clean, streamlined solution for providing power and data to multi-unit installations. sMOPS-150 has a power output of 6A at 24 VDC (150W), can be set for either 115 or 230 Volts AC input at the simple flip of a switch, and powers up to four C-Splash fixtures. sMOPS-150 has a number of features optimizing it for contractor-installed lighting applications: it is designed for the light fixtures to be hardwired to the power supply to receive both power and data signals; it distributes the data signal to all light fixtures; and the entire unit is built into a NEMA-style enclosure, eliminating the need to purchase a separate regulation housing. The enclosure has seven " pre-formed holes available for conduit connectors to comply with National Electrical Code (NEC) requirements in all US cities. Whenever side-by-side mounting is required, a punch-out is available on each end of the power supply for easy access. For installations requiring large numbers of sMOPS-150 units, the data signal can easily be daisy chained from power supply to power supply.
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