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Clay Paky at Plasa 2003

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Clay Paky introduces a range of new products at PLASA 2003, stand H120.
Point is a line of small and intelligent color changers featuring all the technology of large professional Clay Paky projectors. Point is designed for use in public and private settings, venues and outlets. 7 colours are obtained with high quality selected dichroic filters. The electronic dimmer moves gradually and precisely with linear adjustable movement from 0 to 100%. Users can choose from four 50W dichroic Halogen lamps with different beam widths, from 10 (standard lamp) to 60. Point fixtures do not need external transformers or external electronic cutting installation cost significantly.
All the products in the Point line can also project logos and images for a wide range of applications once the projector is fitted with a lens and a gobo mount.
Available versions are Point (bracket-mounting on any surface), Point IN (flush-mounting, with adjustable angle and rotation) and Point MH (with moving body, for moving projections).
Point MH is a moving body colour changer and stands out for its size (only 20 cm high) and features. It can rotate 360 on a horizontal axis and 208 on a vertical axis, for remarkably dynamic light projections.
Point is an intelligent micro-colourchanger with bracket for mounting on any surface. Point IN is an intelligent, flush-mounting micro-colourchanger, with adjustable angle and rotation.
All Point models are lightweight, elegant, easy to handle and install. They work both automatically - in automatic master/slave mode - or controlled from a lighting desk (DMX digital signal) and are available in white or silver.
The Rain Spot 575 is even working in the rain and has a IP65 protection rating that eliminates the need for plastic or other awkward, unsightly protective materials . Applications are designing with light in urban settings, emphasizing a brand name, highlighting a directional or advertising signs. Two lamps types are available: HSR 575W (6000 K; 49000 lm; 1000 h) or HSD 575W (7200 K; 45000 lm; 3000 h).
Rain Spot 575 offers optics with four interchangeable multi-element lenses for 24 to 64 beam angles, electronic focus, 8 colours that may be generated with selected dichroic filters, 4 metallic gobos 53.3mm rotating in both directions and indexable at 540, 4 metallic fixed gobos 53.3mm, morphing effect generated by a combination of two gobo wheels, 4 rotating prisms (2-sided, 4-sided, 5-sided, 3D), Dimmer / stop / strobe. Rain Spot 575 has 9 control channels (DMX digital signal).
CP Color MH is a professional moving head colourchanger, compact, light, silent, essential. It gives extraordinary colour to all environments with any chromatic tone imaginable, whilst maintaining maximum uniformity of beam angle from 10 to 80, thanks to the versatility of its optional filters. Very easy to install, it is designed for all environments demanding dynamically colourful scenes, such as theatres, television studios, live performances, exhibitions, conventions and more.Two lamps types are available: HSR 400 W or MSR 400 W (both 650 hours).
CP Color MH offers CMY system for the creation of any color shade, uniform mechanical dimmer from 0 to 100 %, 450 Pan, 221,4 Tilt, Automatic Pan and Tilt repositioning; Pan and Tilt movement transport lock; Pan and Tilt resolution selectable between 8 or 16 bits; optional ovalising filter; optional manually adjustable barndoors that can be rotated through 100; Optional quick mounting plate
CP Color MH is adaptable for "Stand Alone" operation, choosing from a wide range of chases, or can be controlled from a lighting desk with a DMX digital signal (6 control channels).
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