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Palco LED colourchanger for in- and outdoor use

SGMs Palco is a LED colourchanger for indoor and outdoor use (insulation degree: IP65) with avant-garde technology and particularly stylish lines that enable it to blend harmonically into the architecture and scenarios being illuminated.
The fixture's main innovation is its use of a series of high-power Luxeon LEDs as a light source with RGB colour mixing using 5 blues, 20 greens and 24 reds.
Available are Palco 3 with 3W and the 5W LED model Palco 5. LEDs generate cold, IR-free / UV-free light which doesn't heat illuminated objects. LEDs last for approximately 100,000 hours at full power. LEDS are more energy effiecient, power consumption is proportional to the light emitted. The fixtures require very little maintenance.
SGM Palco LED architectural light
12/2004 Pro-Light-News
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