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Landmark structure majestically colored - Toyota Stadium

Toyota City in Aichi prefecture in western Japan is known as Car Industry City. It is an active city - a sister city to Detroit in the U.S.A. - and is hosting World Expo 2005. The Yahagi River runs through the center of the city and along its banks is Toyota Stadium, which opened in June 2001. The stadium was designed by architect Kiyoshi Kurokawa to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the city's founding. The 45,000 capacity stadium consists of six stories - two underground and four above - and is packed full of amenities: natural turf football field with retractable roof, movable full-color screen, restaurant, party room, and an indoor sports space that includes a swimming pool. Surrounding the stadium is a large open area, Toyota City Central Park, with a magnificent view of the modern Toyota Bridge.
At each corner of the stadium are four large masts that point skyward to a height of 96 meters (96 meters ground to top of mast; 61 meters ground to roof). The prominent pillars play more than an aesthetic role however. The masts support the main and back roofs and as a result no other pillars are needed. In other words, there are no obstructions and nothing to bother visitors' field of vision no matter where they sit.
Early in 2005, the masts were dramatically reborn with the use of Martin Exterior series color changing luminaries. Color projection is used to paint complementary colors to match the season, coordinate with nearby Toyota Bridge and as a general celebratory element for the World Exposition. Lighting was designed by Reiko Chikada Lighting Design, Inc. with the Martin fixtures supplied through Martin Professional Japan.
Two 575-watt Exterior 600 fixtures with 12° lenses illuminate the top of each mast. Remarkably bright for such a long throw, the effective lighting distance was increased through the use of the narrow optical lens. Two Exterior 600s with 22-38° lenses light the main body of each mast and one Exterior 600 with a 22-38° lens lights the bottom section of the pillars, beneath the roof. In order to bathe a wider area evenly, they are programmed at 38 degrees.
Two 150-watt Exterior 200 color changing lights with 60° lenses light the bottom section of each mast and one Exterior 200 with a 60° lens lights above and below the roof. The 60o lens allows for a wide throw flood beam.
Following the concept 'To Link the Whole Globe', the stadium turns an emerald blue as the Toyota Bridge changes color close by. The stadium, bridge and the main street all display a harmonious, congruous color pattern. Furthermore, a variety of effects are programmed to match special events.
Fixtures used are 12 x Martin Exterior 600 (22-38°), 8 x Martin Exterior 600 (12°), and 12 x Martin Exterior 200 (60°). Architect Kiyoshi Kurokawa, Lighting Design by Reiko Chikada Lighting Design, Inc.
Toyota Stadium Kohei
Toyota Stadium Kohei
Toyota Stadium Kohei
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