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Martin Architectural at Lightfair 2007 in New York

Martin Architectural heads to Lightfair 2007, New York, with a pair of new fixtures in its outdoor Cyclo Series as well as new 1200 W fixtures in its Exterior range of outdoor luminaires. Martin will also be showing a new, easy-to-use playback controller optimized for Martin’s range of Cyclo RGB+W fixtures. The Cyclo Series provides a simple dynamic lighting solution with a fluorescent linear luminaire that uniformly washes surfaces in color and variable white light. The Exterior range of programmable, weatherproofed luminaires is capable of both traditional white light and alluring colorwash projection for dynamic illumination of a wide variety of outdoor architecture.
Martin Cyclo IP65 DirectionalThe complete Exterior range will be on display at the Martin Architectural booth (Booth #356) as will luminaires in the Inground Series, FiberSource Series, Cyclo indoor and outdoor Series as well as Lightpipe solutions. The Martin booth will feature an organic look and outdoor theme.
The Cyclo Inground is a range of ground recessed, white light or color changing fluorescent luminaires that provides uniform wallwash illumination for both interior and exterior application. The Cyclo Inground offers the slim design and color mixing capability of Martin’s linear fluorescent Cyclo range in a durable IP67 rated inground luminaire. Advanced wallwash reflector technology combines with high output fluorescent T5 tubes to produce even and smooth color distribution. The wallwash reflector provides 'floor-flushed’ light that gives the distinctive ability to project evenly without leaving dark patches at the base of the wall. Completely outdoor safe, RGB color mixing generates thousands of colors as well as white light of varying color temperature. True full-range intensity control of each tube is possible and lamp life is long at 20,000 hours. DMX controllable, the Cyclo Inground provides a reliable solution for dynamic illumination of facades, light walls or landscapes. Expected sales release is end of year 2007.
The Cyclo IP65 Directional Series is a new range of fully weatherproofed directional luminaires designed for outdoor illumination of facades, structures and signage. With a slim linear design based around white or colored 54 W fluorescent tubes, the Cyclo IP65 Directional offers long-lasting performance and uniform distribution of light and color. Developed around Martin’s patent-pending fluorescent color-mixing module, the Cyclo IP65 Directional Series is further enhanced by its use of a well-known lamp technology that ensures long lamp life (20,000 hours) and a low maintenance schedule.
The Exterior 1200 is the newest addition to Martin Architectural’s Exterior range of outdoor luminaires. Its powerful 1200W lamp, full range CMY color mixing system and additional four-color wheel make it suitable for dynamic illumination of tall structures, high-rises or any high-visibility architecture. Colors, variable in hue and saturation, can be programmed to shift smoothly from shade to shade to create dynamic architecture.
A high optical performance results in a uniform distribution of light and color, and an opti-white front glass gives an exceptionally pure white light. Intensity control is 0-100%. A full range of optical systems from narrow to very wide provides designers with several options for achieving even and accurate illumination. Ellipsoidal beam shapers and other optical accessories provide precise optical control for pin-point illumination. The Exterior 1200 is weatherproof rated at IP65 and is the only true weather-protected 1200 W dynamic luminaire on the market. A fully adjustable tilt angle allows the fixture to be oriented in any position and a convenient service hatch provides immediate front access for easy re-lamping and service.
Available soon will be the Exterior 1200 Image Projector. Designed for night-time environments with emotional impact, the Exterior 1200 Image Projector provides drama with illuminated textures and animated effects such as reflected water, ripples, flames, clouds, rain, snow and more.
Light Fox is an easy-to-use, wall-mounted, playback controller optimized for Martin’s range of Cyclo RGB+W fluorescent fixtures and StageBar 54 series but capable of controlling all types of RGBWA fixtures. Easy to install, up to 20 static or dynamic Presets can be recalled for simple and quick atmosphere adjustments. Intensity and speed are adjustable for instant mood manipulation.
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