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DTS introduces D-Series of RGD-LED luminaires

DTS introduces D 150 and D 30 RGB-LED luminaires with 45 watts and 9 Watts respectively. D 150 is equipped with 15 x 3W RGB Full Colour LEDs featuring a very high luminous efficiency of 1.050 Lumens. The RGB Full Colour LEDs can independently generate 16 million colours and give a perfectly uniform light beam, without false and troublesome chromatic separation effects, guaranteeing an exact control over colour temperature. Both, D 30 and D 150 offer an IP68 protection rating, making them suitable for a vast variety of applications, both indoor and outdoor.
For D 150 two optical units that can be easily interchanged by users are available, offering different light beam projection angles (medium flood / wide flood) and optimized for the use of the projector at different distances from the surfaces to light. For D 30 three optical units are available: spot, medium flood, wide flood.
Controlled by any DMX lighting console, the lamps can be used as RGB colour changer. Featuring a special T-BOX RJ12 connection system, connecting the projector to the power supply / driver is done quickly and easyly. The housings are made of aluminium and stainless steel, providing a high level of protection against the penetration of solids and liquids (IP68).
DTS D-150 RGB-LED lamp 45 Watts
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