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Pharos launches powerful LPC X lighting playback controller

At PLASA 07 Pharos Architectural Controls introduced the LPC X, a big brother to the LPC1 and LPC2, both winners of PLASA innovation awards in 2005 and 2006. A powerful lighting playback controller, it offers capacities up to 100 DMX universes from a single unit, taking control for large installations to a new level. The LPC X supports a variety of control protocols to suit different project needs, including DMX-over-Ethernet standards such as Pathport, ArtNet, ETCNet2 and Streaming ACN. Also provided are DVI and Firewire DV outputs for integrating with arrays of fixtures that require video-based control. There is also a framework in place to support custom protocols for bespoke projects.
Uniquely, multiple different protocols can be output simultaneously from a single unit giving synchronised control across an installation and making the LPC X a highly flexible solution for large-scale control. Pharos also announced support for Color Kinetics proprietary Ethernet control protocol for direct control of networked CK power supplies. Pharos is the only third-party controller to offer this support.
The LPC X is a 2U 19” rackmount unit and is an entirely solid-state solution – no fans, no hard disks – giving the same reliability as the DIN-rail mounting LPCs. It works seamlessly with other Pharos controllers and remote devices on the network and has a variety of onboard triggering options including RS232, Ethernet, DMX input and realtime clock. And like the other Pharos controllers it also supports remote management via a built-in web interface. Programming is easy using the existing timeline-based Pharos Designer software with integrated simulation and pixel-mapping of media.
Another new feature is the ability to take a live video input (via Firewire) and pixel-map it in real time. This opens up yet more interesting opportunities for interactive and themed attractions, alongside the show control features that already exist within the Pharos software.
Pharos LPC X
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