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Martin Professional introduces Exterior 1200 Image Projector

Martin Exterior 1200 Image projector Bringing new element of drama to dynamic outdoor illumination through animation and effects projection, the Exterior 1200 Image Projector is the newest addition to Martin’s Exterior range of outdoor luminaires and a graphics complement to Martin’s Exterior 1200 Wash.
The Exterior 1200 Image Projector is a powerful 1200 W luminaire designed for projecting animated images and effects onto facades and commercial buildings, tall structures, shopping centers, or any high-visibility architecture. Designed for night-time environments with emotional impact, the Exterior 1200 Image Projector brings new elements of drama to outdoor illumination: effects projection and animation. Its CMY system blends the primary colours Cyan, Magenta and Yellow to achieve a full spectrum of luminous colours. These colours, variable in hue and saturation, can be programmed to shift smoothly from shade to shade to create truly dynamic architecture. Further interchangeable colour options are provided on a four-colour wheel.
The Exterior 1200 Image Projector houses a rotating gobo wheel with four interchangeable gobo positions for projecting graphic images. Also included is a gobo animation system especially engineered to create animated lighting effects such as rising flames, windswept clouds, driving rain, reflected water, ripples, and much more. The animation wheel is interchangeable and can be angled, and speed and direction controlled.
The Exterior 1200 houses an efficient 1200 W metal halide lamp capable of reaches of 9 stories and above. Its high optical performance results in a uniform distribution of light and colour. Intensity control is 0-100% for easy balance of brightness, allowing architecture to respond intelligently to the availability of natural light.
The fixture's superior optics provide designers with a variable zoom and the possibility of varying beam angles from 12° to 18° (narrow), 18° to 36° (medium) and 31° to 51° (wide). This offers the flexibility of re-focusing on-site in order to achieve a perfect distribution of light and colour.
Housed in an aluminum casing, the Exterior 1200 series is weatherproof rated at IP65 which guarantees reliable operation in harsh, weather-beaten environments. An efficient cooling system means the luminaire is effective in even the hottest environments. It is also suitable for marine environments such as cruise ships and bridges and has been wind load tested, an important factor for tower or bridge installations.
The Exterior 1200 has been made with low installation costs and freedom from maintenance in mind. A fully adjustable tilt angle allows the fixture to be oriented in any position. A convenient service hatch provides immediate front access for easy re-lamping, reducing service costs and securing the designer’s aiming position.
DMX controllable from an external controller or PC software, the Exterior 1200 can also operate via a built-in program or master/slave relationship. The LCD display also allows effortless diagnosis of factors such as lamp life, fan speed and temperature.
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