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European launch of ETC's Unison lighting control system at PLASA08

Unison with Paradigm  by ETCPLASA 2008 saw the European launch of ETC’s new Unison architectural lighting control system, which brings sophisticated and green-minded technologies to theatre house and foyer lighting control. Amid a score of innovative hardware and software products in the Unison line, the centrepiece is the Paradigm lighting control system. Paradigm als o was showcased at LDI, Las Vegas. Paradigm even received the award for Best Debuting Product at the LDI. “Lighting designers have long struggled with the fusion of energy management, entertainment technology and architectural control. ETC’s Unison Paradigm System promises a scalable, innovative platform that is, in the opinion of the judges, long overdue.”
The Paradigm system merges innovative advances in architectural lighting control with ETC’s expertise in entertainment lighting control. Paradigm’s library of lighting products (conventionals, moving lights, LEDs and more) with touchscreen control helps create dynamic effects, while networking technology allows devices from different manufacturers to inter-operate over the same control system. Placing control very firmly in the green arena, Paradigm’s energy management tools capitalise on daylight harvesting, occupancy sensing and time schedules for maximum electricity and budget savings.
Alongside Paradigm is ETC’s SmartLink lighting control, a high quality, low cost solution for smaller venues. The new SmartLink TimeClock, brings low cost, easy to use time of day control to ETC Unison, Sensor and SmartPack dimming. Easily programmed for ‘set it and forget it’ operation, SmartLink TimeClock enables the automatic activation of presets and sequences using real time or astronomical events.
Also on show at PLASA will be a new version of SmartSoft. Originally only for SmartFade ML, the new version covers SmartFade 1248, 2496 and 1296, and is compatible with both Windows and Macintosh computers. SmartSoft allows users to connect their computer to their ETC SmartFade lighting control desk via USB and gain live displays of show data, as well as direct data-editing tools. SmartSoft works as an offline editor and allows users to save SmartFade show files directly to the hard disk.
ETC will also be introducing the 70W version of the Source Four HID family, as well as reminding visitors of the 375W HPL lamp option for the Source Four tungsten luminaires. With the growing importance of energy conservation, both lamps are great performers in the highly efficient Source Four optical systems for short and even medium throw distances.
ETC will be demonstrating Eos, its most advanced lighting control system, designed to handle the most complex, multimedia-filled lighting rigs, and Ion, its compact sibling which is particularly suited to smaller venues. Congo v5 will also be available on show, where visitors to the stand will be able to experience its impressive new effects package, new graphics and handling, better editing tools and more functions.
Also on display will be the new Suitcase module series from ETC’s distributed SineWave dimming range, ideal for repertory theatres and TV studios requiring true portable dimming. The high efficiency of the dimmer circuit, combined with its compact design and electronic protection, makes the Suitcase module particularly suited to distributed dimming schemes where a central dimmer room is unavailable or undesirable.
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