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Martin Architectural's surface-mount luminaire with directional control

Martin Architectural Cyclo DirectionalMartin Architectural has added a new dimension to its Cyclo range of full colour mixing T5 fluorescent fixtures - directional track mount and surface mount versions. The Cyclo Directional provides a dynamic light solution for retail and other commercial applications. Easy to program, and simple to fit, the Cyclo Directional creates a constant sense of newness through an almost endless variety of colour choices.
Useful for wash lighting and decorative colour effects in indoor environments, the Cyclo Directional uses RGB technology to generate both coloured and white light of variable temperature. Technically this is achieved by combining dimmable T5 fluorescent lamps in the primary colours red (R), green (G) and blue (B) in a process known as additive color mixing. The patented optical system produces a broad, even wash of ready-mixed colour.
The Cyclo Directional has a large applicational potential: retail, window displays, restaurants, corporate environments, showrooms, lounge areas and more. In retail environments, for example, the Cyclo Directional allows the retailer to alter the environment according to season, product or promotion. Three 54W T5 tubes create the high output necessary to cut through the high ambient light levels typically found in retail with each T5 tube electronically dimmable from 0-100%.
Aesthetically and functionally compatible with conventional retail fittings, the Cyclo Directional is easy to install. It requires no knowledge of DMX making it a simple, plug-and-play means to create dynamic and compelling retail environments.
The Cyclo Directional track mount version clips directly into any standard type 3-phase track, making it ideal for both new and existing displays - compatible with all major manufacturers of track. It is designed to be aimed and can be tilted ± 60.
The surface mount version features a simple wall-mounting system, allowing for directional illumination of ceilings or walls. Both versions are self-contained with 10 standard programs covering most colour spectrums, as well as a master/slave option or full DMX control for larger installations.
A newly developed optical system provides seamless colour mixing within the main reflector, allowing the fixture to be positioned close to the illuminated object without causing an unwanted rainbow effect. No glare, no spill light, just smooth, even, and very bright colour. The Cyclo Directional requires almost zero maintenance thanks to a long-lasting lamp life (20,000 hrs). There are no mechanical parts and lamp changes are a breeze.
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