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Miracles of this world in the Europa Park

After only 3 weeks of installation works, LOBO took a new multimedia attraction in the revolving theatre located in the world's largest seasonal theme park into operation.
Lovingly designed theme areas as well as a high quality spectrum of attractions meeting any family demands acknowledge Europa Park in Rust, Germany, an extraordinary position in the colourful world of theme parks. While other parks suffer from declining number of visitors, the Europa Park establishes as a high class short holiday destination building a new 1.400-bed hotel. Also, Europa Park is classified as the world's largest seasonal theme park.
With the multimedia spectacle "Miracles of this World", Europa Park has now gained a unique laser attraction, unparalleled in content and technical equipment. Within only three weeks of installation the Germany-based laser specialist LOBO created a multimedia adventure world.
LOBO's General Manager Mr. Bopp: "With a total of three laser installations and numerous events, the business relation between the Europa Park and LOBO has become an intense cooperation over the years, which we are very proud of. And therefore we have been very pleased receiving the possibility to re-design the existing revolving theater by means of the latest laser technology. Everything, the first idea, the storyboard, the complete production of music, video and multimedia contents, the realisation on-site up to services for public relations and the exterior design of the attraction was supplied by LOBO as a turn-key solution."
The visitor enters the attraction through a winding tunnel equipped with sporadic light effects and mirrors insuring that the eyes can adapt gently to the darkness. After a short waiting time, the visitor enters a hall which initially appears to be a cinema. Shortly after the light dimes down, the screen becomes transparent. In between a machine, filled with technical devices, appears a funnily over-exited professor who explains proudly the invention of a time machine. But before he gets into details his daughter, driven by her childlike curiosity, sets the time machine into operation. Close to her trails, the spectators accompany the professor journey through time for about 10 minutes. They experience the ancient Seven Wonders of the World as well as the wonders of the new world. Finally the professor manages to return again with an impressive detour via the future into the Europa Park.

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Lobo will exhibit at Shanghai Pro Light+Sound 2004 at booth A25.
Twice per hour the sophisticated Lobo laser technology is presented within the multi-awarded multimedia spectacle *Wonders of the World*. This show leads the spectator through the wonders of the ancient and the new world. Some sequences of the show presented in advance to its official release caused great sensations and have been awarded with a fiorst price by the umbrella organisation of the show laser industry ILDA (International Laser Display Association) in the cathegory *Graphics Show*. Revolving theatre at Europa Park
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