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HES launch versatile ColorCommand washlight

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Automated lighting manufacturer High End Systems (HES, Austin, TX) introduces and ships ColorCommand, a colour changing PAR/Washlight. ColorCommand uses a patented color mixing system that incorporates automated (remote) changing of color and beam angle control in a fixture that is cost comparable to a PAR can and scroller, but at just a fraction of the cost of moving lights.
Positioned as an alternative to PAR can or Fresnel lighting systems, ColorCommand provides the functionality of these fixtures but eliminates the need to manually change lenses or lamps to control beam size or add gels to change color. The color media used in ColorCommand is dichroic borosilicate glass -- it won't fade or change color as a result of use so a custom color created during rehearsals for a show or event will appear identical a month or year later.
The ColorCommand dichroic color mixing system uses a patented design that incorporates two lenses and three color wheels. The first lens splits the light into 25 separate beams which pass through CMY (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow) colour-mixing glass. The second lens rejoins and projects the light into a fully saturated, evenly coloured beam. Because of the beam-splitting technology, the CMY colour wheels are able to perform almost instantaneous colour-changes (1/3 of a second to go from clear light to virtually any colour), from subtle pastels to deep saturates and everything in between. It can quickly and quietly bump between any of these colours or make slow, controlled fades.
Says HES Chief Technology Officer Mike Wood, "High End Systems is typically known for developing leading-edge technology such as the migration to digital lighting. But we felt that there was a need in many markets for an inexpensive washlight that provides superlative color mixing in a compact, inexpensive fixture."
Using no more than 4 DMX channels, the ColorCommand features a fully variable beam angle, it has the ability to fit barn doors, top hats, snoots and other accessories, output beam if 200 mm diameter, incandescent lamp with a color temperature of 3200K, high output from a 750-watt compact biplanar lamp (800 watts in Europe) and more.
HES ColorCommand Washlight
09/2003 Pro-Light-News

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