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Jem updates fog generators

Jem Smoke comes to PLASA 2004 exhibition with an updated version of the industry standard Jem AF-1 fan, as well as an update of the low fog generator Glaciator.
The new Magnum 1500 is a portable yet powerful smoke machine for DJs and small clubs. Wrapped in Martin's Mania series design, the Magnum 1500 features a robust 1200-watt heater, remote control and DMX compatibility while versatile positioning options allow for horizontal or more vertical projection.
The Jem AF-2 Fan is a more powerful updated version of Jem's AF-1 fan. Useful in a variety of environments including clubs, studios, theatres and touring applications, the AF-2 is both rugged and well designed. Easily truss mounted or floor positioned, the AF-2 can be remote or DMX controlled.
The powerful "big brother" of the heavy-fog Glaciator, the Jem Glaciator X-Stream is a self-contained, "plug-in and go", low fog generating system. It has two built in high velocity fans, a new highly efficient compressor and newly designed chassis to ensure a continuous flow of dense white fog. It also features remote fluid capability, reduced noise operation and a refrigeration capacity that has been increased by 50%. The Glaciator X-Stream is suitable for low lying fog generation in theatres, clubs, theme parks, concerts and more.
09/2004 Pro-Light-News
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