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Lobo Lasers conquer the Seven Seas

Several installations on cruise ships and a private yacht established laser specialist Lobo as a leading supplier of laser systems on sea. Lobo's laser systems have been installed on famous ships such as "Queen Mary 2" and shipping company Costa's giants of the Mediterranean, "Magica" and "Fortuna".
Launched in 2004, Costa's "Magica" is 272 m long and offers luxurious accommodation for 3470 passengers. Magica's 1000 seat theatre provides daily entertainment using state of the art gear including Lobo's powerful and reliable laser system including laser moving head Zaphir.
Another cruise ship, the "Mediterranea" sports three maintenance-free laser projectors controlled by LACON-5 workstations. The layout of the control systems allows independent operation of the laser system as well as control via DMX, time code, Ethernet or RS-232.
Three cruise ships of shipping companies "Celebrity Cruises" and "Carnival Cruises" also have a network of seaworthy laser projectors supplied via glass fibers by one central laser system mounted in the center of the ship. More laser projectors are at the show lounge, on the pool deck and above the bow.
Lobo's president, Lothar Bopp, adds: "Just a few days ago we received the order for a laser system to be installed on the largest private yacht ever built."
Magica's theatre during installation
02/2005 Pro-Light-News
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