Walk-thru Fog Screen at Shanghai show 2004

After its debut in 2001 and enthousaistic reactions at presentations and several reviews in science magazines, the walk-thru fog screen is available and used world wide. German company Creative Lighting will showcase the product at ProLight+Sound show 2004 in Shanghai, hall 3, stand C06.
The Walk-through Fog Screen is an intriguing method for forming a physically penetrable dry fog display. Literally, it is a break-through technology. The fog screen feels like nothing and does not make things wet. It creates an as if the imges are floating in thin air. International patents pending.
The basic components of the screen are a laminar, non-turbulent airflow with a thin fog screen injected into and inside a laminar flow. The fog screen is an internal part of the laminar airflow, and remains thin, crisp, and protected from turbulence. Images can be either rear- or front-projected. The screen can be translucent or fully opaque.
Public playing with the image projected onto the penetrable fog screen
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