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AES - Audio Engineering Society

From 'How The AES Began' at 'The Audio Engineering Society was founded in 1948, after some months of discussion of the advantages and disadvantages of starting a new society devoted exclusively to audio engineering. In the years 1947 thru 1952 the activities of the AES were reported in the magazine "Audio Engineering" (AE), eventually in an "AES Journal" section of AE, which they called "Volume 0" of the AES Journal. The Society started publishing its own Journal in 1953, replacing the reporting in AE.
AES Sections have been founded and over the years have been publishing and establishing many audio standards and protocols.
The AES also organises conventions globally. The 135th convention in fall 2013 will be in New York City, the 137th will be in Los Angeles in October 2014.
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