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PCM - Pulse Code Modulation

Puls Code Modulation is a method of digitally converting audio information. Pulse Code Modulation provides an uncompressed digital signal allowing lossless. reproduction of the audio information as used with audio CDs. Files ending with .wav, .aiff, .au, .pcm and more are used by computers, digital instruments, audio tools, software programs.
Using PCM, the audio information is coded using a combination of resolution/sample size (8 bit, 16 bit, 20 bit, 24 bit), frequencies/sample rates (describing how many samples are taken in one second such as: 8,000 Hz, 11,025 Hz, 16,000 Hz, 22,050 Hz, 24,000 Hz, 44,100 Hz, 48,000 Hz, 96 kHz), channels (monaural, stereo, etc.) and more information about data such as signedness, byteorder and others.
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