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Martin Professional launches power-packed MAC 700 profile

MAC 700 moving head profile by Martin ProfessionalOn display at Plasa 2005, stand F54, Martin Professional's latest addition to the MAC moving heads is the MAC 700 Profile. Maintaining the same fixture size as the MAC 550, Martin has squeezed as much into the fixture as possible. Designed to fill the gap between Martin's 575-watt MAC 550 and the 1200-watt MAC 2000 Profile, this 700-watt profile spot is packed with more features than either such as CMY system plus colour wheel, gobo animation plus dual gobo wheels, motorized zoom and much more.
The combination of efficient 700-watt double ended lamp and new glass reflector technology with a superior optical system produces a remarkable light output. A full CMY color mixing system and 8 position colour wheel are included. All colours on the wheel are replaceable, enabling designers to customize the fixture to their own particular requirements. The CMY colour mixing system, animation wheel and a 'Quiet Mode' recommend the MAC 700 to the theatre market.
The same gobo animation system that was pioneered by Martin in the MAC 2000 Performance and can also be found in the MAC 550 is included . Effects such as rising flames, drifting clouds, driving rain, turbulent water and much more are achievable. Added to that are two gobo wheels, a 6 slot plus open, rotating gobo wheel with 16-bit accuracy; and a 9 slot plus open, fixed gobo wheel. Both feature a set of gobo designs, all replaceable.
Martin has included a fully motorized zoom in the MAC 700 capable of beam angles from 14 to 30 degrees.The MAC 700's zoom can achieve any beam angle within the range. Lenses inside the MAC 700 come with optical coatings to decrease light loss and to provide a better projection quality. The lens system also incorporates remote focus control for easy adjustment of the sharpness of the image projected.
The MAC 700 houses a combined dimmer/shutter capable of very smooth fades. The dimmer also works as a shutter for instantaneous blackouts and variable speed strobe effects. A motorized iris is included for reducing the beam size. A replaceable, rotating, 3-facet prism is also fitted in the MAC 700.
Pan movement is 540 degrees by 246 degrees of tilt. A new pan and tilt motor driver system gives extra spee. Movement is 16 bit, and an intelligent position correction system automatically returns the fixture to its original position if knocked out of place.
The MAC 700's road-tested modular design is not only highly durable, it is also highly serviceable. Multi connectors and spring loaded release mechanisms mean that no tools are necessary to remove and insert modules. And a multi position tilt lock keeps the head where you want it.
The MAC 700 is only available with electronic ballast for flicker free operation, lower weight, extended lamp life and a power saving mode. Also fitted is a switchable power supply that requires no tools to select different voltage settings.
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