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MA Lighting releases grandMA 5.60 and grandMA video software

MA Lighting releases software version 5.60 for grandMA multimedia consoles, available free by download from MA's website. MA Lighting also launches grandMA video, the fully network integrated (MA-Net) and software based mediaserver. In combination with additional tools such as grandMA 3D, grandMA onPC and grandMA remote, the grandMA console now becomes a much more powerful multimedia control too.
The grandMA video software offers advanced features such as browsing, previewing bitmaps of video footage and pictures, as well as arranging the content of the media server directly on the console via MA-Net. The 'Channel Value' organisation within the 'Fixture Editor' has been redesigned and it will support channel values with 16bit resolution for every single fixture.
The installation dimming system dimMA can be remotely configured from the lighting console through the network. This includes the monitoring of dimmer feedback as well as error messages.
'User Right Designer' allows users to view everything, and make selections to see specific channels and fixtures without being able to change anything or operate any kind of playback. 'Content Sheet' and 'Compact Content Sheet' are for displaying the content of specific cues, providing Auto Scroll to display the last and the next Cue of selected Executor or Manual Scroll for manually scrolling through the cues or selecting a specific cue. 'Fixture Function Sets' can be called and modified faster. The Fixture /Channel /DMX sheets are showing changes in Tracksheet colours (blue /magenta /green /red). A 'Filter in Fixture' and 'Channel Sheet' display parked channels, selected sequence, and programmer only. The 'Executor Sheet' now has five editable view tabs. All columns except cue number can be moved and sorted, and Tabs can be labelled individually.
08/2005 pro-light-news
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