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HES announces software-only Catalyst packages

Entertainment lighting manufacturer High End Systemsannounces the immediate availability of three new versions of software-only Catalyst packages. Previewed at Plasa and LDI 2004, the three versions of are priced for any sized application or budget and enable customers to upgrade from one version of the product to the next.
Catalyst effectively combines lighting effects with digital media content to create virtual scenery. It allows lighting designers to integrate graphics and video and drive output devices such as High End Systems Digital Light products (DL1 and DL2) as well as video screens and LED arrays. Previous to software-only versions, Catalyst was packaged with a complete media server system, which included an Apple G5 computer and related accessories.
Says Richard Belliveau, HES Chief Technology Officer, "This is a natural progression for the product line. Offering software-only versions of Catalyst allows the customer more flexibility in configuring their systems, and it also better serves our international distribution network."
Having software-only packages allows customers to locally purchase their Apple computer equipment, guaranteeing Apple support and warranty. This also is a cost benefit for international customers, wherein import tariffs are no longer an issue. Choosing which Catalyst software product to choose depends on number of output layers, input/output devices to be supported and performance requirements.
Catalyst software packages available: - Catalyst Pro software features 8 layers, 2 video outputs, MIDI Show Control input, 4 serial control devices, 3 RS422 (Sony 9 pin protocol) serial control of external devices, timecode input, presets and sound output (for playing movies with a soundtrack).
- Catalyst DV software features 5 layers, single outputs, 4 movie playback layers plus one non-movie playback layer, which can be used for masking or images; 2 video inputs, MIDI Show Control input, 3 serial control devices, 2 RS422 (Sony 9-pin protocol) serial control of external devices, timecode input, presets and sound output.
Catalyst Xpress software features three layers, 2 movie playback and one mask layers, single output, MIDI Show Control input, 1 video input, presets and sound output. All Catalyst packages ship with more than 1,000 media files, which are optimized for lighting applications.
11/2004 Pro-Light-News
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