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Introduction of grandMA nodes at Plasa 2006

At Plasa 2006 MAlighting will showcase its grandMA 2Port Nodes which will be available in three different versions. The European model will fit into a 100mm wallmounted box, the US version is designed to fit into a two-gang-box, and the third will be a “Rig-mounted” touring version with integrated power supply and a coupler as well as a safety connection point. Power is supplied by an external device or via the Ethernet connection.
There is a choice of three different configurations: two DMX input connectors, two DMX output connectors, or one of each. The connectors are PCB mounted Neutrik XLR 5 Pin plugs. Two green LEDs indicate DMX traffic and a backlit LCD display shows detailed information. Both can be switched off remotely.
The ”Finder Functionality” allows the console to indicate a chosen node by making the the display flash. Pressing a button on the grandMA 2Port node sends an indication to the console.
The grandMA 2Port Node is fully integrated into the grandMA family for convenient configuration of all connected nodes from the console. The nodes will also be able to work standalone. MA-Net and Art-Net at a speed of 100Mbit/s can be chosen remotely. The new 2Port Nodes are passive parts in the network – for Parameter Expansion of the grandMA console you still need NSPs (Network Signal Processors). However, one grandMA 2Port node combined with a computer can provide an active node creating another DMX universe using a source DMX line as input.
The new grandMA video release is going to have new features such as four Live video inputs and a nice and an easy way of soft-edging through the console. grandMA video becomes a comfortable Pixel to DMX editor as already known from the console. The Pixelmapping is calculated from an additional media server – and to talk to most common LED-walls and fixtures upto 255 DMX universes can be addressed directly over Ethernet by Art-Net if 100Mbit/s receivers are used.
The MA mediaPC – the “rock´n´roll proven” media server hardware - will now be optionally available with an SDI or VGA input card and/or with a Scanconverter to transform the digital video output signal to any other needed signal format.
wallmounted 2port node by MA lighting
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