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Clay Paky showcases latest moving lights and LED panels

For PLASA 2010 Italian lighting manufacturer Clay Paky announced several new products, taking non-LED based lighting to extremes, but also including Mirage LED displays with a patented mounting system.
Clay Paky Alpha Profile 700The Alpha Profile 700 features a framing system fitted inside the smallest 700 watt moving body on the market. It offers a broad range of effects, including 15 gobos, animation effect, rotating prism, Dyna-Cue-Creator function and Clay Paky's patented "autofocus" function. Focal distances have also been especially designed to focus effects even inside triangles and quadrangles of all shapes and sizes. Developed especially for the theatre and TV, Alpha Profile 700 is renowned for its brightness and compact dimensions. The operating noise has been reduced to 43 dBA (41 dBA in “half power” more).
Shotlight Wash is a new kind of projector that combines a 1500W discharge lamp washlight and a 3000W Xenon lamp strobe a single device. The two wash-strobe functions are not separated but can be operator-controlled with either simultaneous or separate switching-on and special effects. The control electronics feature a perfectly integrated design. Shotlight’s “wash” works just like an Alpha Wash 1500 moving head, while the strobe function is a circular crown fitted inside the front lens using two semi-circular Xenon lamps of 1500W each. The lamps can be switched on separately or simultaneously and flash at different frequencies.
Sharpy is a 170W lamp Beam Moving Light designed to deliver brightness that until now has only been possible with lamps requiring nine times its power. The light beam so concentrated and aligned that it appears to be a laser ray. Sharpy is provides chromatic purity, sharpness and halo-free beam. Also offering 14 different colours and 19 gobos, it allows for changing of the shape of the beam and creating an array of mid-air effects, as all the gobos are fitted on the same wheel. Sharpy is very small and lightweight (50cm x 10 Kg) and can be fitted anywhere, on trusses at live and TV events, on stage, in showrooms or conference rooms.
Mirage, Clay Paky’s new semi-transparent led display, presents an innovative and patented mounting system and module connection that makes ledwalls of all sizes even safer and quicker to install. Using this attachment system, it takes minutes to mount and dismount a ledwall and eliminates the need for accessories like wires, connectors or hooks. It also reduces labour to a minimum and simplifies stock considerably.
The Dyna-Cue-Creator for the Alpha 1500s is a library of dynamic animations that lighting designers can use in their shows almost automatically. The zoom, focus, iris and dimmer functions are combined and synchronized with each other in many different ways that may be customized by lighting designers (with colours, gobos, speed and other effects).
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