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Barcelona’s Teatre Lliure upgrades control with ETC Congo

When Barcelona’s Teatre Lliure was looking to upgrade its lighting equipment, it turned to ETC dealer Stonex – and ETC control equipment. The theatre is considered one of the most prestigious in Catalonia opened in 2001 and started with Avab lighting consoles. Now these Avab desks have been replaced by latest generation Congo and Congo jr controls. The 740 seat Fabià Puigserver auditorium has a Congo plus a Congo jr as backup, while the 60 seat sala de prensa (lecture room) will be using two Congo junior desks with a fader unit. As the company also produces national tours, it bought a Congo and Congo jr backup system for travelling.
Rai García, head of Teatre Lliuere’s lighting department, says: “We have always worked with Avab desks, so Congo was the natural choice for the type of work that we do.” The theatre already has over 900 ways of Sensor dimming to cover its three performance spaces and some 60 ETC Source Four luminaires. The recent operating system upgrade for Congo made the desk even more interesting as the improved effects package massively reduces the time taken to perform complex tasks such as chases.
Teatre Lliure in Barcelona upgrades control with ETC Congo
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