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GLP at LDI with new products and world premieres

GLP comes to LDI Las Vegas, November 22nd-24th 2013, with a host of new products and preview showings at their stand # 675.
First is the Volkslicht Spot which, following its recent launch announcement, brings GLP's LED technology to a smaller spot fixture, perfect for shorter throw distances or those on a cost conscious budget. The feature set of the Volkslicht Spot includes a motorized iris, rotating gobo wheel with seven positions plus open, a static gobo wheel with nine positions plus open, a rotating prism, and motorised focus all within a small body so that it can be placed discretely. The output features a beam angle of 15 degrees, whilst the weight has been kept to just 33 lbs (15 kg).
Making a preview showing for the first time in the USA is the impression X4 XL. Producing a high light output, the impression X4XL uses 55 RGBW LEDs and offers a zoom of 7° to 50°. It works as a narrow beam light — with hard edge capability — or as a smooth wash light with even coverage at wider angles. The X4 XL also works as an effect unit with full pixel mapping.
The X4 XL's output is a fully homogenized RGBW colour system with additional variable CT control. Also featured are a variable speed electronic strobe, smooth full range dimming, 16 bit pan and tilt and a stylish baseless design.
On display in Las Vegas will be the impression X4S. This compact version of the X4 offers a flexible RGBW output with a zoom range of 7 to 50° in a compact body weighing just 12 lbs. and measuring just 12in tall.
GLP US will also be showing brand new products from its Scenex Lighting range which focuses on LED product applications for scenic and special use.
Making its world debut at the show is the LED Pixel Tape. This flexible LED strip solution takes things to a whole new level by adding individual control to each pixel in a tape system that has a high resolution and bright light output. The Pixel Tape features a pitch of 31.25mm and is available in different lengths, with both black and white PCB backing.
LED pixel tape is attached quickly and easily via its strong 3M adhesive backing. As with all LED tapes in GLP's Scenex range, their LED Pixel tape offers an IP65 rating with silicone coating allowing the tape to be used outdoors, or in other environments where it is likely to get wet.
Making a premier showing in the USA is AirDMX — a comprehensive single DMX universe controller that runs from an iPad over WiFi, and is capable of running any kind of DMX fixture from individual dimmers to fully featured moving lights. A free to download App runs from a standard iPad (sold separately), whilst the accompanying WiFi DMX box is mounted with the fixtures.
AirDMX supports a full library of fixtures, and the ability for users to generate their own files. AirDMX is a simple and intuitive solution without the cost and hassle of other wireless control systems.
  Air DMX
Impression X4 XL
  Impression X4 XL
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