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Enttec Datagate versatile DMX-Ethernet router/merger

For the first time exhibiting at PLASA, Australian company Enttec Pty Ltd showcases their Datagate DMX-Ethernet harware solutions at the 2004 show, stand JJ20. The cornerstone of any DMX network. It Datagate can be a DMX Hub/Splitter, a DMX Merger (HTP or LTP), a DMX to Ethernet router, an Ethernet to DMX converter, or any combination of these.
The Datagate has 10 profiles, each profile reconfigures it to perform a specific task. The Datagate comes with factory profiles such as DMX Hub, DMX to Ethernet or Ethernet to DMX. Users can also create their own profiles to tailor the Datagate to their specific applications.
With the flick of a switch the Datagate can become a completely different product, thus replacing many devices such as DMX hubs, mergers, or DMX/Ethernet converter boxes with one single unit.
The Datagate has 8 input or output DMX ports, and supports up to 8 DMX over ethernet universes (channels). When a DMX port is configured as an input simply plug in the gender changer into the required port. Port 8 has both connectors male and female.
Enttec Datagate
08/2004 Pro-Light-News
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