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Focus on iSine sine wave dimming

One of the big waves rolling through Plasa 2004 was sine wave dimming. iSine, developed by Dutch dimming innovator IES, is believed to be the world's most advanced sine wave technology. Brought under the ETC banner in June of 2004, IES now has the backing of ETC's global research, marketing and service resources.
ETC Chief Executive Officer Fred Foster said: "IES was the pioneer behind sine wave dimming technology in Europe. At the same ETC has been developing sine wave products in the U.S. With the acquisition of IES, we've had the unprecedented opportunity to unite the best people and ideas in the field and create sine wave solutions for the worldwide lighting market."
This dimming technology eliminates the filament noise ('lamp singing' or buzz) associated with other types of dimming. IES iSine dimming technology is not only silent but provides an alternative solution by virtually eliminating harmonic distortion and minimising reactive power, plus benefiting from lower volt drop. Other benefits reported by users include energy savings and reduction in electricity costs, improved lamp-life for savings on maintenance and, thanks to that reduced volt drop, less heat dissipation. iSine also saves on infrastructure costs through the downsizing of cables, switchgear and transformers. Additionally, iSine dimming has proved tolerant of the poorest mains supply conditions and is easily able to accommodate generator supplies as well as controlling all popular light sources, including HMI.
iSine delivers increased application flexibility, because sine wave dimming can be located wherever it is needed throughout a facility. Dimming is not restricted to a dimmer room. iSine can be equally deployed in conventional rack formats for centralised dimming or in distributed dimming formats on over-stage lighting bars and TV hoists, a technique which has only now become possible due to the benefit of silent operation. iSine is a powerful alternative or a complement to SCR-based, phase-control systems.
IES' European client base includes venues such as Amsterdam's Muziektheater, Munich's Residenz Theatre, Spain's San Sebastian Concert Hall and all three auditoria of London's National Theatre. TV and film studios such as MTV Europe, Aardman Animations, TVE Spain, ORF TV Vienna and BBC have seized the benefits of iSine sine wave dimming.
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