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Elektralite launches my250 moving yoke fixture

Elektralite expands its range of lighting fixtures with the new my250. Building on the Elektralite my150 moving yoke fixture, the my250 employs the Philips MSD250/2 discharge lamp and pans up to 630 degrees and tilt 265 degrees.
The fixture's color wheel has an array of 8 colors and bi-colors with rainbow effect, 6 rotating indexable gobos and an additional 7 fixed gobos. All included gobos are standard size and readily interchangeable. The my250 also features a bi-directional rotating prism which incorporates prism effects, dimmer and strobe. The fixture's digital address and display allows a variety of functions to be conveniently accessed, for intuitive operation of lamp control (on/off), pan and tilt reverse, along with lamp and fixture hours. For greater flexibility, the my250 can be set to run independently. Cues may be downloaded into the my250's onboard reprogrammable processor for flawless replay. The my250 can also be placed in a master/slave configuration or be controlled via a sound input.
The Elektralite my250 comes with mounting hardware including safety cable and a 50-foot DMX cable. The fixture's small footprint is ideal in situations where an unobtrusive moving fixture is specified.
Elektralite my250
02/2005 pro-light-news
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